Congrats to the incandescent Vincent Manna, what a
Absolutely mind blowing... Brilliant and so very m
Lovely piece of theatre. Beautifully executed...Th
Loved the show Vincent - the artistically sculpted
Vincent...your show has brought tears, laughs and
I wanted to say thank you for Wimp, what an incred
Really enjoyed Wimp! Girls: You know all those tim
It was strong, powerful, real, personal with a lin
Incredible magic occurred last tight. Breath takin
An unflinching portayal of the many men that maket
Went to see Wimp tonight, a one-man play that defi
Still reliving the
Still completely moved after watching the beautifu
Wow - a great show. Powerful, important, necessary
Beautiful moving storytelling Heartfelt and surpri
Like enjoying vertigo, the pleasure to find famili
One of the most honest performances I’ve seen. A m
Wow, wow,wow! This is awesome powerful stuff…I fel