I'll never be able thank you properly for what you
Thank you for your continual support, brilliance,
I still feel at a loss as to what I found with you
You have been in my thoughts the last few days and
Just wanted to thank you for the incredible traini
I forgot to tell you that your work of last year i
It's been a pleasure working with you, you're a fa
I hope you're doing well and still at LAMDA, becau
I think you are an inspiring teacher, who really c
You are truly an inspiration and great teacher. I
We all loved your movement classes, you are a fant
It was truly a joy and privilege working with you
I thought I'd just write to say thank you so much
I cannot begin to articulate how very grateful I a
You will never know how much I valued and enjoyed
You are a true inspiration and it was an honour to
Thank you so much for a wonderful semester. I real
What a joy it has been to be in your class. From t
I learned so much from your class and was really i
My thighs will never forget your warm-ups.
Kit Cou
From the bottom of my heart Vince, thank you for e
Thank you, yet again for the beautiful movement cl
Your influences have been innumerable. You are one
I'm sorry to email you out of the blue but firstly
I have always felt it incredibly important to than
I have taken so much from your classes that I’ll b
A world of thanks to you. You truly are Manna from
I just want to say a final thank you for everythin
I was in movement class in the last intro to actin
It has been my absolute joy working with you this